Cereal City Science and MiSTEM Partner to Provide Resources, Training, and Support for Michigan Teachers

Cereal City Science is proud to announce a partnership with MiSTEM to provide 3rd and 4th Grade Second Edition Physical Science Teacher Guides at no cost to designated districts across the state.


This opportunity was made possible through the Empower Teachers MiSTEM COVID Response grant. Districts receiving the updated teacher guides will also receive access to Cereal City Science Online, an online companion to the CCS curriculum, as well as access to training for the online platform and science units.

Originally released beginning in 2015, the CCS NGSS-Aligned K-5 Physical Science Units are undergoing redevelopment to take advantage of new knowledge about three-dimensional learning and instruction. Over the last several years, CCS has put modeling in the forefront, developed tools to make the unit storyline visible as student learning progresses, built in a greater focus on Science Talk and student-to-student collaboration, and developed a stronger phenomenon with a clear storyline that flows throughout the unit. The Empower Teachers MiSTEM COVID Response grant will provide an opportunity for teachers in the state of Michigan to have the most up-to-date Cereal City Science curriculum and training at their disposal.

Learn more about MiSTEM at www.michigan.gov/mistem.