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Cereal City Science Online is a comprehensive online companion to our K-8 NGSS-Aligned curriculum. Providing opportunities for students to engage in the Science and Engineering Practices and 3-dimensional learning, the tools and lessons included in our online platform encourage students to think and act like scientists and engineers while "working together" to "figure things out" either in the classroom, online, or in a blended learning environment.

Supporting continuity of the curriculum throughout the school year, Cereal City Science Online provides an online component for every lesson in a unit, allowing teachers to move seamlessly from in-classroom to online, as needs change.

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How to Access Cereal City Science Online

Districts: Districts who are current users of the Cereal City Science NGSS Units, please email Timeka Wells (twells@bcamsc.org) to request your District Access Code. Please assign a coordinator for your district who can distribute your district access code and instructions to district teachers who need to access the platform.

Teachers/Individuals: Current teachers using the Cereal City Science NGSS Curriculum, please request your district access code through your district's assigned coordinator.

Not a Current Cereal City Science customer? Access to Cereal City Science Online requires the purchase of Cereal City Science NGSS curriculum. Learn more!