Cereal City Science Purchasing

Purchasing Guide

We recognize that every classroom and district is different with their own needs and resources. Please check out our purchasing guide below for more information on exploring, evaluating, and purchasing Cereal City Science units. Current customers - please check out our Additional Purchasing Resources below.

Getting Started

If you're beginning the process of finding an NGSS science curriculum for your district or classroom, we offer many resources to help you familiarize yourself with the Cereal City Science program.

Curriculum Samples - We can provide samples of all of our NGSS Teacher Guides and Student Journals. Request Sample Guides

Sales Consultation - Cereal City Science is also available for science unit demonstrations in-person with your team. A Cereal City Science consultant will meet with your team for an in-depth look into our curriculum and how it’s taught in the classroom. Together, we'll explore how the curriculum has been designed for NGSS and three-dimensional learning, as well as, Common Core State Standards for literacy and math integrations. Our consultants will be able to answer any questions and offer tips on implementation and sustainability. To schedule a consultation, please contact Timeka Wells at twells@bcamsc.org or call (269) 213-3907.

Curriculum Page - Anchor Phenomenon? Driving Question? Engineering Challenge? Learn more about each of our Science Units on our Curriculum Page.

Additional Purchasing Resources


Many of our Life Science Units call for classroom organisms. Organism Cards can be purchased using our Quick Order Form.

Once you receive your Organism Cards, you can redeem them using the button below.

Reminder - Redeem your organism cards at least THREE weeks before your requested ship date.

Aligning Pre-NGSS to NGSS

All Cereal City Science K-5 Pre-NGSS units have been discontinued. Middle School Pre-NGSS units are being discontinued as new NGSS units are released. We will support the Pre-NGSS units for two years after their NGSS counterpart has been released.

If you would like to order Guides, Journals, or Consumables for Middle School Pre-NGSS Units, please use this Pre-NGSS Catalog (PDF).