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Weather, Climate, and Human Impact

Middle School - Earth Science - NGSS

Weather, Climate, and Human Impact is geared toward Middle School students and is designed so that students figure out the phenomenon of severe weather, climate across the globe, and how human activities affect weather and climate.

The unit is designed as a problem-based unit of study where students gain sufficient information to explain how and why human activity has changed the land, oceans, atmosphere, and living things. The topic of climate change is the underlying theme throughout the unit.

Anchor Phenomenon: In 2014, the people of North Carolina experience an outbreak of ten tornadoes in one storm.

Driving Question: What causes an outbreak of tornadoes, severe weather, and day-to-day weather?

Anchor Phenomenon: The Audubon Society has presented data that shows a change in bird migration due to climate change.

Driving Question: What is the relationship between bird migration and climate? What is causing the birds to change their migration?

Engineering Design Challenge: Student engineer teams develop a working model that demonstrates the water cycle. Using observations, students evaluate the effectiveness of their models in demonstrating the water cycle.

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